Saturday, 6 October 2012


Niky (Nicolò Rosso) is a young Italian DJ/Producer. His passion for music has always been strong and he used to listen to every genres of music. Only a few time later he discovered Dubstep, Electro and all of their derivations. His first contact with computer production has been when he was 11 and he opened Garage band on the father's mac. Started as a game, the passion for production grew up as fast as his music skills and few years later he bought his first Controller and started to get serius buying Logic Pro and starting his real producer life. Thanks to Facebook and to the web he started to improve his music and collaborating with some italian producers like another member of Chase, Riccardo ( Max Louder ). Niky entered in Albino3 during the first month from his foundation and started to sharing his production on Albino's networks and helping every members. Today, as a member of Chase, he's programming a lot of featurings and a professional career. Niky's Music Genres are Dubstep and Electro but he've been also producing house and commercial tracks.
Right now he continues improve his music and, beeing part of Chase, he's improving his productions.

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