Saturday, 6 October 2012


RØSE (Marco Cusenza) is a young Dj, keyboard player and a huge lover of electronic music from 1994. He started getting intrested about this genre as a little child, when his father made him listen for the first time the album Cyclone from Tangerine Dream (1978). Spending his childhood between pichedelica and Rick Wakeman he developed an incredible love for music research pushed at incredible levels and so, at the synths. In 90' and 2000, with the italian trash music, he arrived to a mix between those two characters of the music: the research one (much more on the music sound and less on the melody) and the one related to the dance and the mass danced music like drum n bass, electro punk and Dubstep, three of the genres he works on. He never stopped anyway on the experimental sector of the electronic and that's why he loves mixing and producing even Chillout, New Age, Trip Hop and Breakbeat with synths (Nord Lead 2x), sampler and programs like Ableton or Logic pro.
He's the experimental component of the group and that makes him perfect to improve the creativity of all members.