Saturday, 6 October 2012


Inertia (Gabriele Ciotola) has been giving a huge passion for music from when he was little. His parents, both musicians, made him study music and learn a lot about the classical music theory. He studied in Milano's Music academy for a year and after another, he moved in Switzerland, where his parents found work. He Founded Albino3 the 15th of February 2012 with his best friend Jerome Roy, starting on Youtube with a simple mashup.
His passion for EDM has been growing up for years and after a few months, after beginning to DJ, he started producing music using  Fruity Loops Studio. He've been always organizing all the music, the networks and the people on Albino3 and after a year, he changed Albino's face naming it Chase and starting growing the dream of a professional Career. Right now Inertia is menaging and promoting the young group of chase and producing music. His genres are Dubstep, electro, glitch hop and Drum & Bass.

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