Saturday, 6 October 2012

Max Louder

Max Louder ( Riccardo Mazzi ) had his first contact with music at the age of 13 when he downloaded a software to edit midi sequences. From there, he got interested in electronic music. In 2008 he bought Music Maker, which began immediately to compose his first tracks with. His genre was tending to pop untill10 months later, he got to try FL Studio, which immediately gave him the possibility to show its potential in electronics.
In 2011 he started to produce hard-electro music, wich it also began to be known online with.
Thanks to his YouTube channel and his Facebook page he got to Know other artists of his level who he began to collaborate with. In 2012 he adopted the nickname of Acid Caramel and did a remix for the label Do Not Records and a lot of songs for the Youtube channel "TheWaveElectro" , immersing himself in the music Dubstep. In the same year he met Gabriele Ciotola (Inertia) who immediately convinced him to join his group Chase (where he changed his name again in Max Louder).
Now Riccardo is working on many tracks and will continue to bring always improved music to his public, beeing part of Chase.

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