Saturday, 6 October 2012

Jérôme Roy

Jérôme Roy is a young music passioned boy from Switzerland and one of the two founders of Chase. Jérôme has been growing up with music for years and years with a particular attention to his technology and mechanic side.
Major brother of Leonard (Royal), he started to get into the electronic music, organizing and improving his light show during the parties and growing a special couple DJ skills with Gabriele ( Inertia ). Known as a good items keeper and a responsable lights agent, after a while, he founded Albino3 with his friend Gabriele, creating the video for the first mashup and working on a few parties with him.
During Albino's existence he've been always trying to get the graphics and technics part of the networks better, never stopping listening and improving his musical abilities. He've been pushing a lot to change Albino's face and as a graphic and Lights expert he is one of the most important  and hard working members of Chase.
He's programming more and more party projects to share chase's music and become always more professional.